Responding to Climate Change

This stream will highlight natural solutions for helping ecosystems and people respond to climate change. Participants from WCS and other organizations will discuss new knowledge and tools for mitigation, adaptation and decision-making, best practices for application, and effective climate change communication techniques. Lastly, the stream will help foster new coalitions to promote the key role of protected areas in climate change communication and responses at international, national and local levels.

WCS in Action

The following sessions have been completed.

Thursday - November 13, 2014

Climate Change rapid fire presentations (Part 2)17:15 - 18:15Andrew PlumptreTouchscreen 2

Friday - November 14, 2014

Transforming conservation objectives under a changing climate13:30 - 15:00John RobinsonHall 3A2
Adaptation Framework: Key Characteristics of Climate Smart Conservation15:30 - 17:00James Watson (Moderator)Hall 3A2

Saturday - November 15, 2014

REDD+ : Case Studies10:30 - 12:00Andriamandimbisoa Razafimpahanana and Malagasy DelegationHall 3A2
Assessing Resources Vulnerability to Climate Change 10:30 - 12:00James Watson (Chair), Stacy Jupiter, and Gérard Rambeloarison (Conservation Director, WWF Madagascar) Andriamandimbisoa Razafimpahanana helped plan this presentation but is presenting at another session at the same time.Members Bar
Part 1: Adaptation Measures from Around the World13:30 - 15:00James WatsonHall 3A2
Building Resilience and Adaptation in Marine Ecosystems: Case Studies15:30 - 17:00Emily DarlingSouthee South

Monday - November 17, 2014

World Heritage, large landscapes and climate change10:30 - 12:00James WatsonHall 3A2

Tuesday - November 18, 2014

Transformational Change: Knowledge, values and rules10:30 - 12:00Andriamandimbisoa Razafimpahanana and Gérard Rambeloarison (Conservation Director, WWF Madagascar)Southee South

Select Publications

A comparison of marine protected areas and alternative approaches to coral-reef management.
Adaptive Comanagement of a Marine Protected Area Network in Fiji
Albertine Rift, Africa (Book Chapter)
Albertine Rift, Africa. Climate and Conservation: Landscape and Seascape Science, Planning, and Action.
Arctic Alaska (Book Chapter)
Biodiversity conservation in a changing climate: A review of threats and implications for conservation planning in Myanmar
Climate and Conservation: Landscape and Seascape Science, Planning, and Action (Book)
Climate Change Science, Impacts, and Opportunities (Book Chapter)
Co-management approaches and incentives improve management effectiveness in the Karimunjawa National Park, Indonesia
Data-driven models for regional coral-reef dynamics
Do community-conserved areas effectively conserve biological diversity? Global insights and the Indian context
Human Responses to Climate Change will Seriously Impact Biodiversity Conservation: It's Time We Start Planning for Them
Identification and channel characteristics of cetacean hotspots in waterways of the eastern Sundarbans mangrove forest, Bangladesh
Landscape and Seascape Climate Change Planning and Action (Book Chapter)
Mapping vulnerability and conservation adaptation strategies under climate change.
Moving Forward on Climate Change Science, Planning, and Action (Book Chapter)
Optimism and Challenge for Science-Based Conservation of Migratory Species in and out of U.S. National Parks
Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, Bangladesh (Book Chapter)
The empty forest revisited
Vatu-i-Ra Seascape, Fiji (Book Chapter)
Vulnerability of cloud forest reserves in Mexico to climate change
Yellowstone to Yukon, North America (Book Chapter)

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Key Staff

Lilian Painter
Country Program Director
Saw Htun
Country Program Director
Madhu Rao
Senior Advisor and Representative of WCS in Singapore
Rob Tizard
Senior Technical Advisor
Stacy Jupiter
Director Melanesia Program
Anak Pattanavibool
Country Program Director, Thailand
Andriamandimbisoa Razafimpahanana
REBIOMA Project and Information System Management Coordinator
Caleb McClennen
Vice President, Global Conservation, Global Conservation
David S. Wilkie
Director, Conservation Measures
Elizabeth Bennett
Vice President, Species Conservation, Species
Emily Darling
Research associate
Emma J Stokes
Regional Advisor and Conservation Scientist
Gaspard Abitsi
Country Program Director
James Watson
Director, Science and Research Initiative
John Gwilym Robinson
Executive Vice President, Conservation & Science
Matthew Hatchwell
WCS Director for International Policy and Programme Development
Ray Victurine
Director, Business & Conservation Initiative